Malware Analysis

In today’s digital world, Malware is one of biggest cyber security threat for every organization specially small and medium business. Every business always have a risk affecting from malware by many ways like affecting websites from malware; email compromise from malware; installing malware into organization systems. Businesses that are using third-party codes are the most vulnerable to malware.

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Why Malware Analysis

Malware attacks have become common in everyday life due to cybercriminals who had spread it around the world and keep it undetected. With the advanced malware analysis techniques, it has become easier to detect such vulnerabilities by analyzing binary samples. It focuses on different parts of the organization through automated and diverse techniques such as cloud automated malware analysis service.

How we help?

VAPT Solutions controls the risk of malware with the help of a threat analyst. These analysts inspect the malware in the powerful configured test environment for the safe execution of it. Our analyst makes sure that the malware is efficient in targeting APT attacks in files, emails and other web objects with the advanced technological equipment.


VAPT Solutions believes that open communication with clients is an utmost important thing to decide the next stage and part of the domain which needs to be audit. Here we decide malware analysis scope; time; duration etc. We provide malware analysis for websites; systems; networks; emails; popular framework like Wordpress; Magento etc.

Malware Analysis

VAPT Solutions uses readymade sandbox based reporting software to get the test details in a text-based log. We provide priority analysis resources instead of a data collection system. We provide the intelligence and automated modern malware form of a report like malware command line switches, encryption analysis, decryption layers identification, unpacking, detailed code descriptions.


Every organization has reputation and malware analysis prevent this reputational loss. VAPT Solutions provides you world’s most powerful analytical threat engine to keep you ahead of fast-changing security threats.